Gren the Damned

Gren is a Pirate Lord. He is a black Tiefling and commands a ship called the Gilded Harpoon


Race: Tiefling (Black)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Class: Unknown
Occupation: Pirate


Gren, has a reputation that is known across the seas.
Story goes he’s as old as the ocean is dark, although no one had heard of him thirty years ago. There are gentlemen pirates, there are bloody pirates, and then there’s Gren. Gren has sank every ship who had the misfortune of meeting him. There is always one survivor, one to tell the tale.

These survivors say that Gren has a horde of undead drowned soldiers in addition to some of the waters most nefarious pirates in his crew. Everyone tells different details of each attack, but the final moments remain the same.

Fire. Water. Darkness. Hell.

Gren the Damned

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